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Character requirements for Australian Visa

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MIGRATION ACT 1958 – SECT 501 Refusal or cancellation of visa on character grounds 

  • You must declare all the criminal conduct you have engaged in, truthfully answer all the questions and provide all the requested information while applying for a Visa in Australia.  

Depending on the circumstances, your Visa may be granted by the Minister of home affairs even if you do not meet the character requirements and your visa may be refused or canceled if you are dishonest an=bout your criminal history. 

Your character is tested on the following grounds which include if 

  • you have a significant lawbreaker record or you have been indicted for getting away from migration confinement or sentenced for an offense that you committed: 
  • while you were in movement confinement 
  • during a break from migration confinement 
  • after a break, however, before you were taken into migration detainment once more 
  • you are or have been an individual from a gathering or association, or had or have a relationship with an individual, gathering or association that the Minister sensibly suspects of being associated with criminal lead 
  • the Minister sensibly thinks that you have been affected in individuals carrying, individuals dealing, decimation, an atrocity, an unspeakable atrocity, wrongdoing including torment or subjugation, or wrongdoing that is of significant worldwide concern if you have been sentenced for such an offense 
  • you’re at various times a criminal or general direct shows that you are not a good person 
  • there is a gamble that while you are in Australia you would: 
  • participate in the criminal lead, hassle, attack, scare or tail someone else, criticize a fragment of the Australian people group, induce conflict in the Australian people group or in a piece of it, be a threat to the Australian people group or a piece of it. 
  • you have been sentenced, saw as liable or had a charge demonstrated for at least one physically-based offense including a minor. 
  • you are dependent upon an unfriendly security evaluation by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization 
  • you are dependent upon an Interpol notice, from which it is sensible to surmise that you are an immediate or circuitous gamble to the Australian people group or a fragment of the Australian people group and you are or have been sentenced for aggressive behavior at home offense or have at any point been dependent upon an aggressive behavior subject to domestic Violence notice. 

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