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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Canberra Matrix?

Canberra Matrix (visa subclass 491 | 190). Where it is a system established by the government of the Australian Capital Territory that defines the eligibility, provides the guidelines and platform for visa application to the person who wants to migrate to Australia through the ACT state nomination category. 

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has the flexibility to address skills shortages and labour market needs in the Territory through the state/territory nominated stream of the Australian Migration Program. The Australian Government allocates the ACT a fixed number of nomination places each financial year.  

What is an Australian Skilled nominated Work Visa (subclass 190)?

190 visa is points based and allows skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian state or territory government live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. 

What is the ACT Critical Skills List?

The ACT Critical Skills List identifies the occupations in current demand in the ACT. This List is important if you want to apply for ACT nomination for either a: 

Can I apply for a Skilled Visa from outside Australia?

You can be ‘in’ or ‘outside’ Australia when you apply for the visa and when we decide on your application, but not in immigration clearance. 

Can I study in Australia during my Bridging Visa?

Study entitlement on a bridging visa may vary and depend on the visa subclass applied for. If the visa subclass has no study limitation, the bridging visa will not contain a study limitation either. 

What is the points tested visa stream?

 After you have submitted your Eligibility Assessment, you will be given an indicative points score based on the claims you have made. If you do not obtain a score of ‘65 points or more’ you will not be invited to apply for this visa. 

If you are invited to apply for the visa, your invitation will state the number of points that you must score when the Department assesses your application for grant of the visa (this score may be higher than 65 points, depending on your claims in the Eligibility Assessment). 

Note, when you submit your application you must provide evidence supporting your claims. To calculate how many points you may score use the Eligibility Assessment

Where can I get document checklist for ACT Canberra Matrix ?

You can get the document checklist for applying the ACT Canberra Matrix in the following official website. 

I am a temporary resident and where can I provide education for my dependent child?

Your local public school has a place for your child to learn, develop and reach their potential from Preschool through to Year 12. 

Visit the official website for guidance. 

Where can I study in Canberra?

Canberra is Australia’s education capital, with a world-class education and research institutions, as well as vocational education and English language schools. The School system in Canberra is one of the best in the country. 

You can see the details on the following website or contact us for more details.  

How can I contact department of Home affairs Australia?

You can contact the Department of Home Affairs Australia, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm local time and is closed on Australian National Public Holidays. 

There is a high volume of calls to the department of home affairs and you might have to give extra time to discuss the circumstances with one of the service staff. 

If you are in Australia 
Phone: 131 881  

If you are outside of Australia 
Phone: +61 2 6196 0196  

For offices outside Australia check  list of locations 

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