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Australia is a global immigrant attraction and its migration process focuses on genuine and talented people from all over the world.  

Australia offers a wide variety of immigration options, so it can be time-consuming, complex, and sometimes even frustrating for individuals considering migrating to Australia. 

Handling application processes and documentation are sometimes tricky and demand expert services. 

As an expert migration services provider, RA Canberra assists to prepare all of your documentation and prepare individuals for life in Australia. 

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Australia is one of the top immigration destinations in the world and gaining more popularity recently because of  

  • High employment rates
  • World-class infrastructures
  • Employment rates and wages

RA Can help you with 

Get highly professional migration-related help from a team of experts.

Student Visa

This visa subclass (500) is for International Students who visit Australia temporary to embrace their further studies in Australian education Institutions.

Skilled Migration

The Skilled stream of the Migration Program is intended to draw in migrants who make a huge commitment to the Australian economy and fill positions where no Australian specialists are accessible.

Business Migration

Business migration (Subclass 188) in Australia can be granted under various streams where you must the requirments.

Partner Visa

You can apply for this visa (subclass 820/801 or 309/100) if you are a spouse (married) or de facto of an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Tourist Visa

The visa is granted for up to 12 months and the applicants are not allowed to work in Australia during their stay. The visa allows the applicant to study or train for up to three months only. 

Employer Sponsored Visa

Several visa options are available for the employer sponsorship program. Through this program, Australian businesses can nominate highly skilled overseas workers to fill the positions that cannot be filled locally

Parent Visa

This visa lets a parent of a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen move to Australia. The applicant can be outside or inside Australia depending on visa subclass.

Dependent Child visa

With this visa the child can move to or stay in Australia, travel to and from Australia and work and study in Australia and is allowed to stay temporarily, until the permanent visa application of the parent of the child have been decided.

Holiday Visa

This visa allows the applicants aged between 18 to 30 years (inclusive) from eligible country to have an extended holiday in Australia and work here to fund their stay. The visa is granted for 12 months and can be extended if the applicant does specified work. 

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