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Scholarships in Canberra 

Depending upon the program, you can get financial support to cover your tuition fees, living allowance, and some other aspect of your studies in Australia.  

Depending upon the criteria and conditions set by the institutions, you must submit the application directly to the education provider which is highly competitive in nature.  You can also contact the education provider directly and gather information regarding various scholarships depending on your conditions.  

Below are some of the universities providing scholarships to international students.  

  1. Scholarship in the University of Canberra 

The University of Canberra offers scholarships for Domestic and international students in the undergraduate, postgraduate, and research sectors.  

Click below to view details on the University of Canberra website:  

Scholarships in the University of Canberra 

  1. Scholarship in Australian National University 

ANU offers various scholarships ranging from rural and regional scholarships, financial hardship scholarships, disability scholarships,  and various scholarships based on academic metrics.  

Click below to view details on the Australian National University Website 

Scholarships in Australian National University 

  1. University of New South Wales, Canberra 

UNSW Canberra offers scholarships to domestic and international students at all levels and to the candidates of exceptional research potential who wish to undertake a higher degree by research in the university. You can contact the research student’s unit on T: +61 2 5114 5000 and E: [email protected] 

Click below to view details on the University of New South Wales , Canberra Website 

Scholarships in  University of New South Wales, Canberra 

  1. Canberra Institute of Technology 

CIT offers scholarships to various criteria and different sectors to help you focus on your studies.  

Click below to view details on the Canberra Institute of Technology Website 

Scholarships in  Canberra Institute of Technology 

  1. Australian Catholic University 

You can get scholarships at ACU, based on your circumstances and those who demonstrate a passion for your studies. 

Click below to view details on the Australian Catholic University Website 

Scholarships in Australian Catholic University 

  1.  Charles Sturt University 

Charles Sturt University offers a range of scholarships based on the assessments of various characteristics and involvement in community services.  

Click below to view details on the Charles Sturt University Website 

Scholarships in Charles Sturt University 

Scholarships by the Australian Government  

The Australian Government offers support for both domestic and international students across a range of disciplines throughout Australia through various awards and training programs.  

The Australia Awards 

The Australian Government Awards Scholarships for around 50+ developing countries 

Visit the Website on scholarships and short courses 

Research Training Program 

The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment offers scholarships in the  Research Training Program. This program offers a scholarship for domestic and overseas students undertaking Research Doctorate and Research Masters’s degrees through a flexible funding pool 

 Visit DESE website: Research Training Program

Date: 10/04/2022 

Extracted from https://canberra.com.au/study/scholarships/ and other related websites



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